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AN ISO 9001: 2015


Pharmaceutical industry is an area that constantly asks for perfection and quality. It is actually based on the results of perfection which is, life saving phenomenon in the society.

To acquire the desired quality standards, GMP or Goods manufacturing Practice system was introduced in the Pharmaceutical Industry. The highly organized system ensures that the products are produced maintain the quality standards consistently.

The main aim of GMP is to reduce the risk factors involved in the processes of production in pharmaceuticals that couldn’t be eliminated during the final testing of the products.

GMP compliance is mostly-accepted as the best way to conduct business, putting product quality first. Our GMP training module combines a convenient format with an effective, interactive learning experience.

GMP Attributes

1. Manufacturing processes clearly defined, systematically reviewed demonstrates consistency to predefined quantity and specification

2. Critical steps of manufacturing and significant changes in process are validated

3. Facilities for GMP Provided:

4. Standard operating procedures written in instructional form in specific need of the operation applicable

5. All operations are correctly and timely recorded in BMR/ BPR on relevant documents deviations being recorded and investigated

6. Operators are trained for the laboratory procedures to be followed

7. All records up to distribution demonstrated history of the batch traced and retained for sufficient period

8. Distribution minimize the risk of quality

9. System of recall should there be any complaint of fall in quality and safety of the product

10. Complaints are examined, investigated and reviewed by improvement in system