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Pharmaceutical Industry is observing a significant growth in recent global scenario. It is essentially a sector where efficiency and care is the basic need. This prioritizes the regulated industry of Pharma that deals with the life saving aspect of the society. Quality assurance and quality control is the integral part of the managing system of pharmaceutical sector that ensures total acceptance of life saving drugs.

Right from the manufacturing of the products to their supply at the right places is a particularly controlled by the management. Quality assurance is a part of management for approval where as Quality control is the technical part and is the pivotal part for sampling and analysis. Pharmaceutical QA and QC professionals are expected to have sound theoretical knowledge as well as practical expertise is an essential criterion for them. Professionals in this field can opt for jobs in the biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and food or cosmetics industries.

Safety and efficacy of the medicines to the consumers are assured by the quality assurance professionals. They are also the liaison persons who maintains that company stick to the requirements of the governments. The increasing competency in this industry demands for well trained professionals. Hence the job market offers employment with lucrative pay packages.

The Medicinal Quality Assurance programme is a part of Quality and Safety. Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies Department actively makes the contribution to public health by ensuring that quality medicines do reach the patients.

They work as

i. Establishes International Chemical Reference Substances (ICRS)
ii. Develop The International Pharmacopea
iii.To collaborate with numerous stakeholders
iv. Create guidelines and norms for Quality Assurance to its highest standards
v. Providing support base to the country.

Starting Materials

Process followed to manufacture



Storage conditions are the prime factors with other factors too are under probe to give quality product

The consequences are disastrous if the above factors fall off the asked standards. The results might be as disastrous as :

1. Great wastage of financial resources that are already limited and inadequate
2. Adverse effects due to toxic reactions
3. Prolonged illness sustains and sometimes death occurs due to the lack of proper therapeutic measures taken
4. Healthcare system loses trust and credibility if authenticity is compromised in any link in the whole chain of pharmaceutical regulations.